Creativity Life Coaching - BIG PUSH

$320.00 USD

The BIG PUSH is about self discovery as an artist and a human and seeing what is that unique gift you have to offer the world. Doing this work require more time but it will set you apart from other creatives in a good way. We're all unique and it's enough for everyone. 

We'll organize your time, so creativity can be practiced regularly. I'll share with you ways I use to focus my mind and ways other people I know focus themselves (I collected a few to make sure there's one for everyone). It will add depth and joy to what you create. 

We'll do few (up to five) 30 mins sessions (in a way you prefer, any way works for me - messages, voice or video) to see where you are and where you want to go from there. I'll look into your portfolio and suggest how you can organize it to tell the world who you are and what you have to offer. 

I'll be happy to help writing your bio (something you could put in About) on your website or as an introduction of your video slideshow of your portfolio. I'll be happy to help with a video slideshow of your portfolio. 

Optional: I can share my self portraiture healing journey with you because I feel it's a powerful tool of self discovery, healing and being the best ourselves for others.  

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