Kel and Evie The Great

Evie was 15 years old. My friend Kel had her for past 13 years. Evie comforted Kel through some painful events, that’s why it is hard to let her go. 

“She took very good care of me, and I took good care of her,” Kel says 

Evie and Kel

Kel believes that Evie could only leave her when she was ready to handle it. 

“I joke that she had to hang around so long because I learnt slow,” she says 

Evie was bred for the racing industry. It is expected that she was living with her breeders until 12-18 months, then went to “puppy camp”. Greyhounds begin racing at 2 years old. Evie only raced 4 times before being retired. Always behind, never a threat” was the comment about her racing. 

“Evie The Great”, photo by Kel

I met Kel through Instagram and was following hers and Evie’s adventures for past two years. The way Kel pictured Evie brought a lot of peace to me. You can follow Kel on Instagram. Her profile name there is @mackelleen and you can take a look at all the wonderful pictures of Evie using hashtag: #EvieTheGreyt 

Creating the image 

As Kel is a photographer too I asked her to take few photographs herself that I could use. She went on a road trip and photographed a road in California, a place where they had so many adventures together. She still had things that belonged to Evie, so she placed them on the road. 

Evie had a sophisticated personality, according to Kel, they even used to call her “The Diva”, that’s why I chose such a fancy frame for a mirror to emphasise that part of Evie. 

How this story helped my own healing 

Kel shared with me that she didn’t mind being alone. It’s Evie whose company she missed a lot. She would visit friends and cry because they would remind her of Evie. I tried to comfort Kel finding meaning in their relationship. 

I believe that every soul is sent to our life as a spiritual assignment. In case of Evie, she was a dog. Dogs represent an unconditional love and loyalty to their owner. They are there to be our emotional support. They are there only for our pleasure and joy. That’s their function. Thinking about it I thought that so was a person whom I lost. He always wanted my life to be happy and joyful. And he would absolutely hate to know that I’m so sad because of him. Same goes to Evie. If she could have human feelings she would feel very confused that her whole function of bringing joy and happiness isn’t working anymore only because she had to go 

It made me feel lighter 

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