My name is Kristina Kashtanova. I am a visual storyteller born in Russia and currently living in New York City.

I love when people around me succeed and bring their light and talents to the world. I help people create meaningful online presence. 

I use my experience in journalism, photography and digital art to create images that will spread your social message around the globe. I will take time to get to know you and make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for you and that together we create everything you need. 

I have a First Class degree in Journalism from City University of London. I lived in London, UK for five years before moving to New York City. 

 I was published by the Guardian, The Times, the Telegraph, the Sun, the New York Post and several publications in Ukraine and India with my movement photography project. I  was interviewed by The Asana Journal, the Telegraph and the Guardian.

I’m practising yoga and meditation and I’m going to qualify as a Level 1 Kundalini yoga teacher in February 2018. I practise most types of yoga and meditation and it helps me to connect with people I photograph on a deeper level. 

I worked with Adidas, OHMME Yoga Clothing and Coca-Cola and my images were used by Cirque du Soleil.

I love when I can do something about emotional pain of those who are struggling. My life goal is to  share every tool I discovered that helps me to find inner peace and change my perception from fear to love.

I spend 20% of my time working on donation based art therapy projects. If you are going through grief, please, get in touch with me and we can create art together and let go a little bit more. 

All donations go toward A photography school in India for formerly trafficked individuals and those vulnerable to human trafficking.

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