"Tiny Houses" made of old boxes 

Made of old carton boxes, hot glue, white paint and stuffed with Christmas lights 

I often feel that my mind is like a tiny city with different buildings that have their own functions. I found the best way to calm my mind is to observe it, to become a patient listener but only act from a place of compassion and love 

"A Dragon" made of old CDs 

I used iridescent material of CDs to create this rainbow colored creature that represents things were are fearful of. Embracing our weaknesses and facing our fears is how we can become stronger and grow as a person 

"A Crown of Light" made of candles 

Every candle represented my light I'd like to share with the world. To be able to share this light I need to make sure that I keep my candle lit up. This part is about lighting a lot of candles with our own light. 

"Beehive" made of lightbulbs and jars 

Built from emptied lightbulbs, filled with Christmas lights, 

Lightbulbs for me represent hope and new ideas. Bees are collaborative creatures and this piece is about collaborating with others on new ideas and bringing our light and hope to the world. 

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