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I, Create

$850.00 USD

Start date: May 15 

Three months course and unlimited time access to the material after the course is finished 

I, Create is an online platform where in your own time you can develop yourself as a photographer, artist and a human. Photography is such a vast field and as creatives we sometimes like trying something new or we want to focus on something particular at a given time just to move to something else later. I created this platform for you so you wouldn't feel rushed or guilty in a way how you learn. First three months you will be getting modules, suggested assignments every week but you can submit them in a given time. Every week for three months we'll have a one-to-one call to track your progress. After three month you can still access the platform and you can call me once a month for 1 hour with any questions or anything you may need to keep growing. 

I, Create modules

1) I, Create Myself (approximate completion 2 weeks) 

We'll talk about creative process and how to ignite it, keep it flowing and know why and what we're creating. We'll talk about The Artist's Way, Big Magic and several artists that helped me discover myself. I'll share my own process of creativity and help you to explore what yours might be 

2) I, Document (approximate completion 1 week) 

This part is about street photography and documenting and based on my experience of working as a journalist and competing four 24 projects. Even if you're not interested in street photography this module can help you learn to see extraordinary in ordinary, document lives of people in your life and your own experiences. 

3) I, Conceptualise (approximate completion 1) 

This module is about how to come up with unique concepts. Mind maps, meditations, creative writing, visualisation. 

4) I, Heal (approximate completion 1 week) 

This module is about self portraiture and healing yourself through creating self portraits 

5) I, Composite (approximate completion 3 months) 

Here we'll learn technical skills in Photoshop. This module will be gradually growing with different tutorials in Photoshop. I'll share my process. What apps I'm using and how I put together images. We'll also discuss a process of retouching skin for headshots and other tools that can come handy for your post-processing 

6) I, Create (approximate completion 2 months) 

Here we'll work on a personal project and make sure you always have one regardless if you do photography commercially or as a hobby. We'll explore your interests and shape a project you can start working on while doing this course 

7) I, Profit (approximate completion 1 week) 

In this module I'll share all the ways I found to earn money doing photography. From licensing images to working with brands, such as Adidas and Samsung. I'll share all I know how to create in peace and let your clients find you 

8) I, Give (approximate completion 1 week) 

I believe that my photography business was always successful because my goal was to give to the community. Here we'll talk about purpose driven business and how giving back comes back to you. I'll talk about humanitarian photography and personal projects. A lot of photographers photograph for free without direction, and I believe, that there's the law of divine compensation which helps 

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