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$600.00 USD

I'll get to know you well and help you spread your message in the best possible way using my professional knowledge in journalism, photography, digital art, yoga and life coaching. We'll create as much visual content as you need. It means you won't be restricted in time if you hire me. No extra payment. This package is lifelong access to all my skills. 

I'll analyse your social media, help you with your blog posts and give advice on your website. I have ten years experience in software engineering and if needed I can give advice on your website too. You'll be able to message me or video chat with me as much as you want. It's an unlimited package because my goal is your success. Most clients I work with are from outside New York City, which means I either travel or they come to see me few times to create photographs but the main job is in my help how to achieve your full potential in social media, attract new clients, and just be more, do more and share more with the world. 

Yoga session includes 30 minutes pre-consultation to understand what needs you have for our yoga session and what message you'd like to bring to the world 

Usually a photography session is 4 hours long and can be split for two different days. As I mentioned before if we need more time to create all the needed content we'll spend more time on it. 

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