I believe that creating art has a healing power 

Collaborative project about letting go 

Contribute a road 

Help other people to let go of someone who's no longer in their life. If you have a road or a path where you live take a photograph of it and share with me. I will find the right person for it and create art to help them let go 

Share your story

If you are grieving or struggling with loss I believe that creating art together can help you heal and let go. The person can still be alive or not, it doesn't matter. What matters is for you to let go and move on with your life. 

How to let go? 

You can photograph shoes and other objects that may symbolise the person you want to let go. You can photograph a road if you have one or I'll find one for you. We can create an art like the photograph above that represents letting that person go. 

How am I going to do it? 

I'll Photoshop an image like above for every road you contribute and every person who needs to let go. I'll find a mirror and other objects with meaning if there're none. I'll credit every person who takes part. 


I find it hard to let go and find inner peace when someone is no longer present in my life. I noticed many people struggling. Sometimes it's death that separates us and sometimes it's other person's choice to go different paths. I discovered that for me creating art is the best form of therapy. I thought I could share it with other people to help them let go. 

Want to collaborate? I'm happy to explain how to take all the needed images

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